The Snow Queen: NODA Adjudication



Director – Angie Sissons   Musical Director – Sue Parker

Director Angie Sissons had chosen for this year’s production an unusual tale which was part Fairy-tale and part Pantomime. You had chosen your cast well and there was a good choice of songs. You had a large cast to deal with and your hard work showed in the finished show, I really enjoyed the production, it is always nice to see something different, congratulations


This was a typical pantomime set with some excellent backcloths and side pieces, very effective especially the mountain scene and the interior of the Snow Queen’s Palace, well done to Scenery Designer Miranda Brice assisted by Audrey Curtis, Daisy and Kay Hicken, Rita Murgatroyd and Kat Jones.


The Lighting and Sounds in the capable hands of James Ham, Mark Jones and Philip Carr was handled well, there were some very atmospheric lighting effects and the cast could be heard clearly at all times.


Musical Director Sue Parker again worked her magic with the assistance of Steve Morgan on Drums and Guitar, always played at the right levels, and it was clear that the cast had been worked hard, and there were some good harmonies from the cast. Well done to both of you


There were some excellent costumes, especially The Snow Queen, Fairy Snowdrop and the Dames costumes, well done to Sheila Eastwood and Kay Hicken, who also had to play the role of Blossom, you obviously both worked very hard and thought about each role so that the cast looked the parts with colourful costumes.


The Choreography by Steve Gregory was simple but effective and the cast worked well as a team, with smiles on their faces and always together.


THE SNOW QUEEN (Lucy Twigger)

From your first entrance you commanded the stage, you looked every bit an impressive Snow Queen in your superb costume, and you established a rapport with the audience, and had good interaction with them. You have a strong clear voice which came over well in your song. There was good interaction with Snowdrop and Kai and the rest of the cast, this was a natural performance you had obviously thought about the character and you created a perfect role. Congratulations on a first-class performance 

SNOWDROP (Lisa Smith)

Another excellent costume, you sparkled and made an impression on your entrances, you have a superb singing voice which came over so well in your song. Good strong stage presence and you interacted well with The Snow Queen, we knew that you were going to win. Congratulations on an excellent performance.


The perfect Dame, you interacted with the audience from the beginning, even with the “catch phrase” (which although typically pantomime was a little long and could have been better shorter allowing your audience to just repeat it rather than having to think before shouting it out, this is not your fault but the authors.) Good clear voice and I loved your many costumes. Well done on a textbook pantomime dames performance.

KAI (Verity Huntley)

Playing a Principal Boy requires you to create a character as this along with a Principal Girl are the two roles that are the author gives you nothing. Verity could have been a little stronger in the first half, but you gained in stature in the second half and your song “This is me” was excellent you have a clear strong voice which you used to its full. You created a role that allowed us to feel for you and follow you as you suffered by the hands of the Snow Queen, Well done on a convincing performance.

GERDA (Lucy Trump)

Principal girls are never usually given much by an author to build on you have to create your own role. You did this although you were at times a little hesitant and a little quiet, however you have good stage presence and we followed you on your travels and you became stronger in the second half. Well done.

HELMUT (Stuart Todd)

This is usually the role of the idiot and there are usually two of you, but you coped well with good stage presence and you reacted well with the other members of the cast. Clear speaking and singing voice and good reactions staying in character and working as part of the team, well done on a confident performance.


You looked the part in your costume and you created a believable character, however at times you were a little reserved and hesitant, you could have been stronger, remember to think of the character you are playing, Hans Christian Anderson was an assured man, who was also a keen storyteller.

SUNBEAM (Rhona Jamieson)

This was a convincing performance, good voice and a suitable costume to show who you were. You have a strong voice and personality which came over in your interpretation of the role.

BLOSSOM (Kay Hicken)

Another excellent costume. You looked every bit the Blossom fairy, good interaction with Gerda and your flowers, good stage presence, at all times you looked relaxed, at home on the stage.

FREDERIKA (Daisy Hicken)

This was a strong, confident performance you have a strong clear voice and you created a convincing role. You looked at ease and at home on the stage, this was acted naturally and you have great potential and should build on that, well done on creating a believable character.


You made the most of your role and your costume gave the impression, clear speaking voice and a confident performance. Well done.

HENRIK/ZIGGY (Eddy Martin)

As Henrick you were the slave to the Snow Queen and you created an “Igor” like role, but you shone as Ziggy and you looked as though you were really enjoying yourself which was taken up by the audience. A confident performance, with a strong singing voice.

CAW (Imogen Gregory)

Imogen has a strong clear voice and obviously was enjoying herself in this role, one small criticism, don’t be afraid to talk slower and not rush the dialogues as words can be lost otherwise this was a well thought out character. Well done.

OLAF/Rufus (Steve Gregory)

Steve had to create two different roles, as well as the choreography, a man of many parts, and with Olaf you interacted well with the members of the cast, but as Rufus you had more to work with, it was good to see that you didn’t wear a complete animal costume, just the antlers gave the impression. There was good interaction with Gerda and the other members of the cast. Well done.

PRECIOUS (Oscar Jones)

Oscar went to town and OTT with this role and made the most of it, well done, good stage presence, a confident performance

TROLL ONE (Joshua Gwyther) – TROLL TWO (Louie Farrow) – BENNY (Sebastian Whitmore) – BJORN (Jay Hallett) – THE OLD LAPP LADY (Maureen Bannerman)

I have put the five of you together, with only small roles but each essential to the story you created good characters and worked well with each other and the other members of the cast, always staying in character.


The Children’s Chorus were first class, good singing strong voices, and it was nice to see that they all stayed within the characters at all times, and part of the action with smiles on their faces, it was obvious that they were enjoying themselves, good stage presence, you must make sure that you keep them interested they have so much to contribute and they are of course the leads of the future.

Angie Sissons had obviously worked her cast hard and they repaid you with a pantomime that was well performed. Good support from Sue Parker and Steve Gregory this was a typical village pantomime and the audience were obviously enjoying themselves, hissing and booing where necessary and interacting with the Dame.

Thank you for your kind invitation and warm welcome front of House and I look forward to being invited to your next production

Tony Winstone NODA Representative – District 13

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